Associated charities

As an Incorporated Charity, the Union is proud to give its support to other debating charities around the UK and beyond, including charitable causes in Cambridge.

Charity Policy

1. The Cambridge Union may nominate up to ten charities each financial year they will support

1.1. These nominations will be made by the CUSEL Board and will be entirely at their discretion

2. ‘Support’ will mean:

2.1. Free use of the chamber and up to 2 other rooms twice a year for any charitable activity; to include fundraising, publicising charitable activity and meetings/conferences of charity staff

2.1.1. The number of these bookings shall not exceed 2 per calendar month in total, and not more than 1 per calendar month for each charity.

2.1.2. The events may last for up to 3 hours, and may take place between 10am and 10pm.

2.2. Preferential bookings for other rooms to be used in conjunction with 2.1.

2.3. Charities will be presented with the option to use the Union at other times as well, at market rates.

2.4. At the discretion of the President, use of CUS publicity for their events.

2.5. Allow the charity to place a collection box in the bar/hall.

2.5.1. The positioning and size of these will be entirely at the discretion of CUS. They may be temporarily removed for any CUS/CUSEL event.

2.5.2. CUS/CUSEL is not liable for the donation boxes or their contents, and will not handle or process the donations.

3. The charities must allow CUS and CUSEL to use their name and logo on their own websites and other publicity material as ‘Union supported charities’

4. Any requirements for the event beyond use of the room will be paid for by the charity, including AV, extra staffing and so on.

5. No event will be held without charge outside of CUS/CUSEL staff work hours already arranged.

6. The charities must be local to Cambridge or have direct relevance to the area. Preferred charities will be local educational and health charities.

7. CUSEL will make first contact with charities giving a brief description of the arrangement and a template contract. Minimal deviation from the set plan for free events should be observed.

8. Charities will not be entitled to any special discounts on corkage/food, but may be allowed discounts on further room rental in addition to the events they may hold under the policy.

9. Any advertising the charity may wish to do for their events being held in the Union must use the CUS name and logo, as specified by the President and/or Events Manager

10. Any charity wishing to advertise itself as affiliated to CUS must do so at the discretion of CUS, and any logo, formatting, variations on the name or text attached or linked to it must be at the discretion of CUS.